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      Fixing broken bones is their business

      Break a bone? Tear an ACL? Now would be a good time to go see an Orthopedic Specialist.

      Orthopedic Specialists are the doctors that help mend any injury or pain related to your skeletal and muscular systems.

      Doctors at the Advanced Center for Orthopedics right here in the U.P. are no different. The center has a main campus at the Peninsula Medical Center in Marquette, but there are also satellite offices across the U.P.

      "We moved into this latest facility, and the reason we did that was so that we could make it a one-stop shop, so to speak, for orthopedic care. We've added services. For example we have physical therapy, we also have x-rays in our office," said Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Songer.

      The center was started back in 1966 under the name Orthopedic Surgery Associates of Marquette. Since then, the center has grown to the point where doctors specialize in specific areas such as the shoulder or knee. This allows a doctor to become very good at fixing a certain area of the body.

      "You can't have full knowledge of all the treatments of all the areas, and so my specialty training is in spine surgery," Dr. Songer said.

      Currently the group employs around 55 people; nine of them are orthopedic surgeons plus a sports medicine doctor and a podiatrist. Those doctors also support and volunteer their time at local schools, Beacon House, the Noquemanon Ski Marathon, and NMU Athletics. Even more importantly, after patients are treated, the center will continue to make sure that patients are getting better.

      "They're not just dropped. The follow-through and the touching base and making sure they continue care is important to us," said Vicki Tikkanen, a receptionist at the Advanced Center for Orthopedics.

      Sometimes itâ??s going the extra mile that can make a difference in the results.