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      Fixing the water troubles

      Much like the rest of the U.P., Newberry is having many problems with water lines freezing, as well as water main breaks due to the cold weather.

      So far around 100 residents and two businesses have had their water service affected by the cold weather. In addition, Newberry has credited over 120,000 gallons of water to customers due to the let-run policy.

      "Because of the extreme snow conditions and with people clearing so much of their yards to try to keep a place to keep pushing the snow, they've not left a nice insulating layer of snow over those water pipes," said Carol L. Anderson, President of the Village of Newberry.

      Anderson believes that less insulation over the water pipes is only a part of the problem and not the fault of residents.

      The Village of Newberry would like to see the entire U.P. covered under a Federal Disaster Designation. If granted, the money received by FEMA would go towards repairing all of the water mains, in addition to fixing the roads that were removed as a result.