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      Flash mob shopping spree

      Marquette Area Public School Teachers are continuing to work without a contract. Sunday afternoon MAPS teachers shopped at Econo Foods in Marquette to help show the economic impact they have on the local community.

      Although the event wasn't all about supporting teachers of MAPS. The organizers of the event collected receipts from customers to help support Tami Bott who is battling cancer.

      "The Alpena teachers who recently were imposed a contract had done a similar thing and we looked at it with our unique situation as a way that we could help the Bott family through their tough times," said Don Barr, Co-President of the Marquette Area Education Association.

      All of the receipts were added up and one percent of the total goes toward the Bott family. 96 MAPS Teachers spent just over $9,600 and other members of the public spent over $11,000. In total, over $200 will be donated to the Bott family.