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      Flood concerns continue to keep M-28 closed

      Flooding on the south branch of the Ontonagon River in Ewen has caused road officials to close down the M-28 bridge.

      The bridge was closed Monday afternoon, and officials say they expect the flood waters to peak Friday and are not sure when the bridge will reopen. The bridge is currently only opened for emergency vehicles and foot traffic into town.

      Michigan State Police say the stability of the bridge is not a concern, but they decided to close to bridge as a precaution.

      "We have to let nature take its course," said Trooper Bill Witt of the Michigan State Police. "There is absolutely nothing we can do at this point except try to keep everybody safe. Right now for the health, safety, and welfare of everybody involved, both bridges have to be closed."

      Michigan State Police say the flooding on the south branch hasn't been this high since 2002.