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      Flood of problems for Negaunee auto body shop

      A new body shop Fox Negaunee Auto Dealers is putting up has created some controversy with the neighborhood. At Thursday's City Council meeting, Eastwood Apostolic Church members explained their concerns with the structure located across from their church on Maas Street.

      The area has had issues with flooding, particularly this past spring. Fox Negaunee is building a retention pond on their property, but the church feels it's not quite enough.

      "We are not against the building and business; we are against the pond. Get rid of the pond, and if they're going to have the pond, line it and meter the water that's going in the ground so it doesn't cause a problem for everybody else," said Leonard Laurila from the Eastwood Apostolic Church.

      The building is currently under construction. City officials say they're trying to find a solution that everybody can agree on.

      "We actually had a number of meetings with all the neighbors out there, and we came to what we thought was a good situation that might help the problem," said Negaunee City Manager Jeff Thornton. "The church has a lot of investment in the basement of their church, and they're looking to protect that investment, so I can understand where they still have a concern."

      The city plans to put a pipe in underneath Maas Street. They hope that will also help divert some of the water that builds up in the area.