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      Flood warning for Republic and Witch Lake

      The Michigamme River's water levels are rising, and a flood warning is in effect for the Republic and Witch Lake areas.

      The National Weather Service says the snowmelt and rainfall over the past few weeks have worked down to the Michigamme river basin. Some of that runoff has made its way to public roads.

      The Weather Service says residents should use caution while the warning is in effect, but there's no great danger at this time.

      "This is relatively normal especially around the Republic and Witch Lake area. This is something that happens about every... Once every two or three years. So, it's nothing out of the ordinary for those areas down there and substantially less than what we saw in 2013" said NWS meteorologist Todd Kluber.

      Kluber says the risk of flooding should subside this Friday at the earliest.