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      Flooding expected in parts of Upper Michigan

      The Chocolay River, a known area to flood during winter thaws

      Late season winter storms and warmer temperatures mean floods may be a threat.

      A big warm up is likely this weekend and it should cause rapid snow melt, and because of the recent heavy snow in some parts of the Upper Peninsula, river levels are expected to rise. The National Weather Service in Negaunee Township estimates that the worst will be in the central and western U.P.

      They keep a close eye on water levels using river gauges.

      "If you've had flooding in the past with snowmelt flooding, if you're in an area that is prone to that, most likely you're going to see that kind of flooding occur this year as well," said Meteorologist Jason Alumbaugh.

      Common flooding locations include the Sturgeon River near Chassell, the Traprock River near Lake Linden, and the Chocolay River near Harvey.