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      Flooding of the Sturgeon River

      The recent warm weather has been good for the soul, but hazardous for the roads.

      Towering snow banks are finally starting to melt, and that means flooding.

      Some of the worst areas in the Keweenaw are near Trap Rock River in Lake Linden and the Sturgeon River in Chassell, which is currently just a few inches below flood level.

      John Vanhala lives near the south end of Sturgeon River Road just about a mile from the worst flooding on the road.

      â??You know, when the road floods over, then people canâ??t get in and out, but over here Iâ??m a little higher, and Iâ??m not really worried about it,â?? said Vanhala.

      The emergency coordinator for Houghton and Keweenaw counties, Jack Dueweke, said the flooding will likely keep up for another week.

      â??Thereâ??s still a lot of snow, especially up in Laurium, especially up in the upper reaches of the Trap Rock Valley where that water runs down into the Trap Rock River,â?? said Dueweke. â??The same can be said for the Sturgeon River.â??

      Some areas on Sturgeon River Road are completely covered in water and are so deep that cars canâ??t drive through. Officials are asking people that if they donâ??t live on those roads, donâ??t go back there.

      â??People need to just stay off the road,â?? said Dueweke. â??Thereâ??s a lot of gawkers and rubber-neckers, and itâ??d be just better if they would stay off.â??

      Dueweke said that although there isnâ??t any way to stop the overflow, he hasnâ??t seen any damaged homes.

      â??It is what it is,â?? said Dueweke. â??Youâ??re not going to stop the water from coming up in any way, shape, or form. You could have a million sandbags, and it wonâ??t help.â??

      And as for VanHala, he said heâ??s making the most of the situation.

      â??I really donâ??t have anything to worry about,â?? said Vanhala. â??Iâ??m just going to get wet, but I canâ??t get in and out. So, I donâ??t mind if Iâ??m stuck here for a couple weeks. I donâ??t care. Itâ??s just fun to watch. All these big stumps and logs and brush piles floating down, you never know what youâ??re going to see.â??