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      Floods receding

      Sunday Lake in Wakefield
      Flooding continues across parts of the western U.P. The City of Wakefield has been pumping water out of a rising Sunday Lake and have been making good progress.

      Wakefield resident Les Schneck saw it coming. He says it was just like the flood of 2002: melting snow, warm temperatures, and rain. He had his sump pump ready in the basement and was better prepared this time. He says he got lucky with only a few inches of water.

      "We kind of knew what was coming. It was a very similar situation, so this time we were a little bit better prepared. I do believe that the fast action of the city crew helped us out quite a bit. They were on it right away," said Schneck.

      Thursday afternoon, the city began pumping water away from the lake at 10,000 gallons a minute. They were using two pumps and had another two standing by capable of moving an additional 10,000 gallons a minute if necessary. The water levels have fallen significantly since. The battle against the rising water has been going so well that the pumps have even been shut off temporarily.

      "We're going to monitor the situation and be prepared for a surge that could come with the rains or a temperature rise that would be enough to melt all the snow and cause a run off," said Granato.

      Granato explains that some of the receding waters are thanks to less precipitation and colder temperatures which are reducing melting.

      City officials remain vigilant for more flooding when temperatures rise and the fresh snow melts. For now, M-28 has been reopened and the pumps are at the ready.