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      Florence County Fair expected to pick up

      This weekend, the Florence County Fair gives residents a fun addition to their weekend.

      At the moment, the fair was low in attendance, but manager Jessica Klumpp says Fridays tend to be the slower day.

      ??There??s usually a home football game and after that??s over, it??ll pick up some,?? says Klumpp.

      She hopes a musical performance and a new firework finale topping off the end of the night will attract fairgoers later in the evening.

      Steve Conery, owner of Conery Sports, has sold sports memorabilia at the fair for the past three years and says he isn??t worried.

      ??I would assume that after everyone gets out of work, people will come out,?? explains Steve.

      Entry is seven dollars for a parking pass for the whole weekend or five dollars a person per entry to the fair.