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      Florence County receives over 18K of grant money

      Good news for Florence County came in the form of a check for $18,935 of grant money Wednesday afternoon. Economic Development of Florence County applied and received the grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism which seeks to promote the Wild Rivers of Florence County. Wisconsin State Senator Tom Tiffany was at the presentation to talk about the importance of tourism in northern Wisconsin. The State of Wisconsin designated the Popple and Pine Rivers as â??Wild Riversâ?? in 1965 as a way to preserve their natural beauty. The grant money will be used to promote and market the Wild Rivers for recreation and vacation, including advertising and a mobile app.

      â??Florence County is going to be able to see a return on investment of over $91,000 in economic impact coming back into the county by bringing travelers to Florence County, getting them out on the rivers, and having them ultimately spend some of their money here, and spend the night here within Florence County,â?? said Sarah Pischer, with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.

      Joint Effort Marketing grant funds are available to non-profit organizations for the promotion of Wisconsin tourism events and destinations. The state can fund up to 75 percent of a project's first-year advertising and marketing costs and provide support for second- and third-year projects with decreasing amounts for funding until projects become self-sustaining. This fiscal year, the Department of Tourism funded 56 Joint Effort Marketing projects, awarding nearly $1.2 million.