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      Flying high for Blueberry Festival

      The Cirque du Soleil may not be in town, but experts teaching the techniques are.

      Aerial basics workshops are part of the Blueberry Dance Festival that's underway in Marquette. This year, they've partnered with the Kaufman Auditorium to provide aerial basics classes. Students are using ropes, silk fabric, and a trapeze. One of the classes will show off their skills at a performance at the auditorium Thursday evening.

      "The reason we have Liza teaching is because it's a very, very different class; you can't take those classes anywhere here in the U.P. Her class is so popular that we kept having to add additional classes, so I wouldn't be surprised if some other classes pop up late on this school year," said Blueberry Dance Festival Director, Camilla Mingay. The festival continues through Sunday. For other available workshops or performance times, visit the Second Skin Shop at 122 N. Third St. in Marquette or call (906) 226-2263.