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      Flying international? Charge your electronics

      If you're taking a flight overseas, you'll want to charge your electronic devices before you fly.

      US terrorism officials say Al-Qaida is working on new bombs, that look like Ipads, laptops, and smart phones and would be undetected by airport security.

      So security is tighter on international flights.

      Passengers must have the electronic devices fully charged, so they can be turned on, proving they're not bombs.

      These new rules do not affect domestic flights, like those at Sawyer International Airport.

      TSA has not yet identified which foreign airports will have the new requirement.

      "They have raised the level of security testing cell phones, Ipads, computers, any electronics. They need to be selectively turned on to see if they are what they are saying they are," said Duane Duray, Sawyer International Airport Manager.

      Some airports say if passengers refuse to turn on a device or are unable to do so, they won't be allowed to fly.