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      Flying into the New Year

      The Delta County Airport could be looking at record setting enplanements. With 2001 being the last year the airport broke 13,000 passengers, they are happy to have had an estimated 15,000 this past year.

      In order to receive their annual one million dollar funding from the federal government, the airport must reach 10,000 enplanements annually.

      Delta County is one of the last Essential Air Service airports in the U.P.

      Officials at the airport estimate 60 percent of their enplanements are flying for business.

      â??Itâ??s convenient to have an airport here and be able to walk out your back door and go to the airport in 10 minutes,â?? said Delta County Airport Manager Kelly Smith. â??But, itâ??s also very vital to the economic and business community of this area.â??

      The state and federal government assessed the Delta County Airportâ??s community contribution at $30 million.