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      Folks get a kick out of Saturday night fights

      Lights Out Fights Promotions presented 'Beatdown at Bombers' kickboxing event this past Saturday.

      The Muay Thai kickboxing event was held at Bombers golf course in Niagara. The 25-foot steel cage had a lineup of 15 different matches. Organizers say although Muay Thai and MMA (mixed martial arts) events are new to the Dickinson and Menominee area, they are gaining popularity with residents.

      "When you have a show like this, you bring new people that haven't been here because obviously there's only been one show around Dickinson County, and this is the second. When people come and see it, they tell all their friends, and everybody is upset that they missed it," said Promoter, Chris Skoglund.

      Lights Out promoters say they are already planning a third MMA event for this upcoming October.