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      Food and drink ideas for Kentucky Derby celebrations

      On Monday's TV6 Morning Show, food and drink experts from the Landmark Inn in Marquette shared ideas for people to use when they celebrate the Kentucky Derby this Saturday.

      Some food ideas included: southern-style barbecue pork sliders with zucchini slaw; watermelon and jalapeno skewers with whipped feta and fresh mint; Kentucky cornbread muffins with carmelized vidalia onion and balsamic vinegar reduction; and cucumber scallion tea sandwiches with cream cheese and tabasco on rye toast points.

      Kate Anderegg, a mixologist from the Landmark Inn, also shared recipes for a mint julip (a drink enjoyed by derby-goers for many years) and a cucumber mint cooler (a similar drink made without whiskey).

      Joe Heck, the cake baker at the Landmark, showed a cake that included pecans and rose petals.

      Anderegg said for the mint julip, you need: 4 fresh mint sprigs, 2.5 oz. bourbon whiskey, 1.5 tsp sugar and 1 tsp water. To make the drink, you muddle mint leaves, sugar and water in a glass, then fill it with shaved or crushed ice and add bourbon. You can top it with more ice and garnish with fresh mint.

      For the cucumber mint cooler, you need 1.5 oz. vodka or gin, 1 oz. triple sec, 3 sprigs fresh mint, 2 slices cucumber that are peeled and seeded, .5 tsp sugar and some club soda. You muddle the mint, cucumbers and sugar in a pint glass. Add triple sec and vodka or gin, stir and pour over ice. Top it with club soda.