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      Food and fellowship

      It was organized chaos at the First Presbyterian Church Christmas morning as dozens of volunteers did their part to serve a sit-down ham dinner to hundreds of local people. You didn't have to make it to the church in order to get dinner, either; volunteers were on hand to deliver meals to those who couldn't leave their houses.

      There were plenty of smiles on everyone's faces, since the volunteers were having just as much fun as those sitting down to eat.

      "What else would you possibly do on Christmas except serve someone?" asked Boofer Anderson, one of the volunteers. "You know, the Lord has served us, now it's time to serve other people for Him."

      It didn't matter if you were old friends or complete strangers, people had no problem striking up conversations over their meals.

      "It's just a fellowship," Anderson said. "It's a wonderful Christmas fellowship."

      That sense of fellowship is what brings people like Linda Henrickson in every year with her family.

      "It's just nice to be together with people and talk and hear their stories," said Henrickson.

      The dinner took around three days to prepare and took nearly a day to clean up, but for those involved, it's been well worth the work to bring people together on Christmas.