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      Food co-op to change location

      The health and wellness food store is switching locations. They are moving from their Baraga Ave. location to Washington St.

      The Marquette Food Co-op has over 3,000 members and is gaining more every day. With their members increasing at a steady pace, the food co-op is trying to keep their customers' wants and needs in mind.

      "This building provides us an opportunity to really fill the needs of our members at their request. This is exactly what they asked for," said General Manager, Matt Gougen.

      Gougeon also said food co-op members wanted their move to be environmentally friendly, which is why they are not building a new space, but rather moving into an existing one.

      Because more and more people are becoming members at the food co-op each day, the grocery store wants to make even more room for their customers. With the new location, one of the main things the store wants to focus on is making the aisles even wider for their customers, but still keeping their cozy atmosphere. In addition to the aisles, the grocery store is adding more parking spaces and adding a deli.

      The store moved to the Baraga Ave. location in 2002 and have expanded once before.

      The store is expected to be settled in its new location by next January.