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      For our service heroes

      An Iron Mountain family decided to honor their son with a memorial after he was injured while serving in the military overseas.

      "I was blown up five times directly," said Donnie Jokinen, an Iraq veteran with the Army. "I'm 100 percent disabled now."

      While Donnie didn't make the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Iraq, he certainly paid a high price defending his country.

      "We wanted him to have something that would help him heal," said Donnieâ??s mom, Jeanie.

      His parents built a memorial on the side of their home for Donnie that quickly expanded to commemorate not only fallen troops in his battalion, but any, and all, fallen soldiers and service men and women still fighting for our freedom.

      "We get so many veterans coming here," said father, Don Jokinen. "You can tell that they're very emotional, and I hope that it heals those veterans and keeps them going."

      Saturday, the Jokinenâ??s unveiled a metal sculpture of their son in combat. The mother and father spent nearly $7,000 on the memorial; a high price to some, but for these patriotic parents, it was worth every penny.