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      For the love of the lanes

      You have to see it to believe it, but for Ken Johnson, he doesn't have to. He's an 88-year-old man who scores hundreds of points each week at the Bowl-A-Rama bowling alley in Escanaba, recently bowling 285 points in a game.

      But, there's a curve ball. He's legally blind.

      "I have to ask my bowling team how many pins are left or what pins are left or if I knock them all down. I can't see them," said Johnson.

      He was diagnosed with macular degeneration two and a half years ago, which means that one day, he'll be totally blind. But he's not letting that stop his love of the lanes and the sport he's played since 1949.

      "I didn't give it much thought. I figured I could bowl even if I do go blind, which I intend to do. Well, as long as I'm healthy and can keep going, I'm going to do the things that I enjoy doing," Johnson added.

      He says he knows where to stand and uses that as a guide as to where to throw the ball, but after that, it's up to his teammates to help him out.

      "He sort of inspires our group. He's good. For his age, it's remarkable. The eyesight is what really is something. Not too many people with good eyes can do what he's doing," said his teammate, Oneill King.

      As for Ken, he'll put the ball down for the rest of the week until it's time to show off his spares and strikes next Wednesday.