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      Ford Model As ride through the Upper Peninsula

      Six Model A Fords cruised through the Upper Peninsula. The classic cars took a trip from Ishpeming to the Keweenaw with multiple pit stops along the way including the Hanka Homestead in Portage Township.

      The owners of the 83-year-old Fords are a part of the Superior Model A Club, and this is their first tour of the year.

      Steven Pellinen said even though the cars top speed is 65, they usually drive 45 miles an hour while traveling through the U.P.

      "This old car takes is to a four corners of the U.P. and beyond, and it takes us right in our own backyard to places we've never been. Most of us have lived here our whole lives, and we have never had the opportunity to enjoy it," said Steven Pellinen, president of Superior Model A Club.

      There are 113 members in the Ishpeming Model A chapter, and you do not have to own a model a to join the club.

      The group said all you need is a love for classic cars.