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      Ford River man completes 1,000 days of exercising

      One Ford River man goes to the gym every day; Brian Nelson celebrated 1,000 consecutive days of exercise.

      Nelson heads to the gym every morning. He is a firefighter for Ford River Fire Department, and while on the job realized he wanted to get into better shape. So he joined Anytime Fitness in Escanaba in January 2011.

      "When I joined the gym, that's when I pretty much decided I'm just going to make it a lifestyle change. I'm going to make it part of my every day routine," said Brian Nelson.

      Nelson spends 30 minutes to an hour exercising. As time went on, he started seeing results which kept him motivated.

      "You start losing the weight and it gives you the drive to want to continue to do it, continue to just make it part of your day. Then, as you start gaining muscle and stuff like that, it just makes you feel good. You get more energy," Nelson said.

      He lost 66 pounds by keeping his commitment, and he kept track of his success. From the beginning he posted his exercise routine on Facebook and included the amount of time he spent at the gym. His daily posts even inspired some of his friends to get in shape.

      "It's kind of a good feeling to know that people have reacted to it. Some people have started working out and taken it seriously," Nelson explained.

      He is also eating healthier and stopped drinking soda altogether. His advice for others looking to get in shape is to stay committed to your routine. Also, work out at a gym where you feel comfortable. He said the encouraging staff at Anytime Fitness have kept him going.

      "Now you can make a goal for more. I'd still like to lose more weight, still build up more muscle and stuff like that. So, I mean, it's still something to strive for, something to keep working for," Nelson said.