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      Foreigner performs with Gwinn High School Chorale

      Dreams are coming true for a group of talented students in Marquette County. Thanks to a recent radio contest sponsored by WGLQ in Escanaba, the Gwinn High School Chorale will be performing one of Foreigner's greatest hits on stage alongside the actual band.

      The Gwinn Chorale was one of nine schools vying for the honor to perform with the rock stars at the Chip In Island Resort and Casino on Friday night. They will accompany Foreigner in singing their 1984 hit, "I Wanna Know What Love Is," during the show's finale.

      Using social media platforms like Facebook, the group picked up 477,431 votes...enough to win.

      Gwinn High School Chorale director, Dave Dagenais, is thrilled for the students' chance to participate in such a rare opportunity.

      "I know that they're going to remember this special experience for the rest of their lives. How unique that is, and how great it is to perform with some real live rock stars!" remarked Dagenais.

      Kaillena Haranson, one of the members of the chorale, is excited for the big night.

      "It really is just getting us out there. People are going to know about Gwinn Chorale now. It's just going to be a great experience for all of you. I know there's a few people in chorale that are looking at going into music professionally," noted Haranson.

      In addition to performing with Foreigner, the chorale also picked up a $500 prize for their efforts. The concert will take place Friday night at 8 p.m. at the Island Resort and Casino in Harris. Tickets are available on their website for $35.