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      Forest Service to study Hiawatha Forest roads

      The U.S. Forest Service is performing a study on over 3,000 miles of Hiawatha National Forest roads.

      They are hoping to identify the roads that best provide access for the community while minimizing the negative environmental impact. Over the past ten years the forest's federal funding has continuously been cut.

      Now, the Forest Service is hoping to eliminate the roads that are not used and those impacting their natural surroundings to help cut down on costs. In order to prevent these road changes affecting the community, they are asking for public input on the roads they most commonly use.

      "They use them for their ORV's, their snow mobiles, their gathering berries," says Ginger Molitor of the Hiawatha National Forest. "So, it's pretty important to get their input. We do not want to be closing roads if people are actually using them."

      For more information on how you can comment, visit their website.