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      Former clerk pleads guilty to embezzlement charges

      On Monday in Iron County court, a former clerk in the Village of Alpha pled guilty on all counts, including embezzling money.

      Thirty-four-year-old Nicholas Rickman was charged with numerous counts of forgery, embezzlement, and uttering and publishing charges. The former Alpha clerk allegedly embezzled money from the village when he forged another council member's name on three separate checks, which he made out to himself.

      "So, you wrote a check from the Alpha village, signed someone else's name on it to yourself, and that check was in the amount of $185," said Judge C. Joseph Schwedler.

      The other two check amounts were for $200 and $125. Each of Rickman's counts carries a seven year sentence. His sentencing is scheduled for March 4 at 10 a.m.