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      Former clerk sentenced for embezzlement

      The former Alpha clerk charged with multiple counts of embezzlement was sentenced Monday in Iron County.

      Nicholas Rickman was sentenced to five months in jail and three years probation. The former Alpha clerk embezzled money from the village when he forged another council member's name on checks made out to him. Iron County Prosecutor Melissa Powell told the court that 13 checks were involved in the embezzlement, though Rickman was not charged for all.

      "A lot of people are remorseful after they're caught. This is not just a property crime, it is a crime against the public trust. Mr. Rickman was the clerk for the Village of Alpha at the time, and it wasn't a one time crime of opportunity, it was a repeated offense," said Powell.

      In addition to his sentencing, Rickman has to pay restitution to the Village of Alpha for the embezzlement.