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      Former football rivals learn teamwork

      The players wearing green and white are all on the same team, but that wasn't the case four years ago.

      Due to low numbers, Wakefield-Marenisco combined with Bessemer. The former football rivals are now one team, and head coach Mark Mazzon says the players are getting along just fine.

      "You know, even from the first day, football happened and they came together and really there were never any problems," said Mazzon.

      And the players would have to agree, including quarterback and team captain, Eric Lane.

      "It's going really good. We all get along, and it's really fun being with everyone and just being a team. We just all have really good relationships. We're all just really good friends, and we're just really close," said Lane. Recently, the Bessemer Speedboys changed their team name to the Gogebic Miners, and that change was difficult for some. â??The biggest problem, probably, was through parents. Some people having a hard time with the name change, but our boards this past spring OKâ??d a different name change to bring unity to the communities in football,â?? Mazzon said.

      And when the Friday night lights come on, both high schools come together and play as one, right here on the field.

      So what do the fans think about the new team name?

      "I believe that even the new name, the Gogebic Miners; I believe that's just a positive thing and it's going to add some real momentum to our communities as we get behind one force. You know, one of the greatest strengths you have is when you're united, and you can accomplish so much more when you're connected with one another," said Miners' fan Todd Wink.

      And that unity is definitely with the team as they win their first game of the season.