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      Former high school coach has street named for him

      A proud day for the former Forest Park High School football coach Bill Santilli, he's had a street named after him.

      Coach Santilli announced his retirement at the end of last season. Friday afternoon, 8th Street, which runs alongside the Trojans football field, was re-named Santilli way. The Crystal Falls City Council approved the move back in July and Coach Santilli's friends and family kept it a secret until Friday.

      "As I looked down on the field last season, and I knew it was his last season, I just knew that something needed to be done to recognize him for all he's done," says Trojans' play-by-play announcer Troy Margoni. "Bill has been such an influence to this whole community and has made a difference in so many young peoples' lives here in the community; there's not enough appreciation that can go out for him."

      "Either dead people or really great, legendary people get streets named after them," says Santilli. "I'm not dead so, I'm really surprised and overwhelmed by this right now today."

      Santilli was the varsity football coach for the Forest Park Trojans for 18 years.