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      Former Houghton business owner pleads guilty to drug charges

      The former owner of Backroom Multi-Entertainment in Houghton appeared in Houghton County Circuit Court Tuesday on charges of delivering marijuana to minors.

      Michael Jestila, 47, is charged with four counts of delivering a controlled substance to a minor, each a felony punishable of eight years in prison and/or a fine of $2,000. Jestila pled guilty on all four counts.

      As part of a plea agreement, Jestila agreed to let the City of Houghton take possession of the Backroom building on Shelden Avenue and will cease to conduct business in Houghton County.

      His sentencing is scheduled to be in about four weeks. Jestila has other charges dating back to December 2011 when Houghton police confiscated 61 packets of bath salts from his store.

      His trial for that case is scheduled to take place later this month.