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      Former mayor re-appointed to Aging Services Commission

      Former Marquette Mayor Jerry Irby has been re-appointed to the Aging Services Commission by Governor Snyder and he's hoping to shed more light on the issues baby boomers face.

      A new report from the commission looks at three key areas to improve and maintain senior citizens quality of life. Keeping seniors in their homes, providing meal programs and transportation are foremost in the report.

      Irby says the current services provided need to be improved for the future.

      "We cannot go into the next generation without a plan for seniors because the baby boomers are biting at our heels and rightfully so," says Irby. "They deserve everything that the seniors now have but we have to make sure that they have it and plan for it."

      Irby also says he's working with legislators to help make improvements to current programs for senior citizens. He feels seniors also need to remain vigilant with regards to the myriad of scams looking to take advantage of the elderly.