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      Former Morrison Elementary School renovated for housing

      You might be familiar with the old Morrison Elementary School building in Calumet, but youâ??ve never seen it like this before.

      After being vacant for nearly 17 years, the three-story school has been renovated into 13 apartment units and a handful of office spaces.

      Owner and developer Mike Lahti said the units are in the old classrooms and even kept some of the original flooring and hutches.

      â??This building is really worth saving, so that was the idea behind it,â?? he said. â??Itâ??s a lot of space, but it did allow for a lot of spacious apartments. Thereâ??s a plus there. So, youâ??re saving it, plus itâ??s a little special for the people that live here.â??

      There are three one-bedroom units, eight two-bedroom units, and two three-bedroom units all on the second and third floors of the building. Lahti said heat and utilities are included in the rent rates, and seven units are subsidized for low-income tenants.

      â??We have plenty of parking, thereâ??s an elevator, thereâ??s sprinkler systems throughout the building, and also a washer and dryer in every unit,â?? added Lahti.

      Village President Dave Geisler said the spacious apartments give the building an almost city-like feel with high ceilings, great views, and even a security system installed.

      â??Thereâ??s so much character in here, and when you look around the building I donâ??t think any two apartments are identical, so thereâ??s no cookie-cutter apartments in this building,â?? said Geisler.

      Residents are scheduled to move in September 1, though the office spaces on the first floor wonâ??t be finished for another couple of months.

      â??It could be studios, it could be just offices, it could be a large portion of it could be used by a firm," said Lahti. "But theyâ??re going to be nice, and theyâ??re going to be kind of built to suit. Weâ??ve got a lot of square footage there as well.â??

      Lahti and Geisler said they hope the project will inspire more renovation projects in the village in the future.

      â??People like to see old building come back to life,â?? said Geisler. â??They like to see buildings that have been dark for 17 years, they like to see lights on in them. Itâ??s a sense of pride. Merchants will love to see activity. Thereâ??s going to be new residents in the village, and hopefully they will be within walking distance of our stores and coffee houses and art galleries.â??

      For more information about the apartments or office spaces, contact Mike Lahti at (906) 370-3420.