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      Former NMU football player sentenced to jail

      The former Northern Michigan University football player who was found to be in contempt of court in October 2012 will spend 30 days in jail. Prince Young was sentenced Thursday in Marquette County District Court.

      Young, a running back and native of New Jersey, had pleaded guilty to assault and battery charges following an incident at Marquette's Vera Bar in January 2012. That plea, made in April 2012, included an agreement to pay medical expenses for the injured female victim.

      Young did not pay the $4,600 on time and was charged with contempt of court. He pled guilty to that charge as well, and Thursday, he was sentenced to jail time. He made a short statement before receiving his sentence.

      "I'm sorry it took so long for me to get it paid, but to be honest, everything in my life I've had to work hard for, nothing was handed to me," said Young.

      District Court Judge Roger Kangas watched a tape of the assault before giving Young his sentence.

      "Watching you basically wind up, full-bore, full-blow... hay-maker right to the face. I mean, it's unbelievable to me," Kangas told Young.

      The sentence will be served at a time to be arranged with the probation office. Young is currently a full-time student at NMU.

      He still owes about $1,500 in fines and costs and remains on probation. He has to pay those by September 20, or he faces more jail time.

      Young was a senior on the football team during the 2012 season. He was suspended for four games following the contempt charge.