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      Former pastor accused of sexual assault testifies

      Wednesday, 46-year-old Harold Markham, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, took the stand at the Marinette County Courthouse. Markham testified that it was the victim who made sexual comments and approaches, not the other way around. Speaking from the witness stand, the former pastor said "She sort of sat behind me, straddled me, and rubbed her private parts against me."

      Markham continued that "it was very uncomfortable."

      The suspect also claims he was the one telling her to stop.

      "At that time I told her, sweetheart, you cannot do this," says Markham. "This is wrong, this is immoral."

      Tuesday, the victim testified about a conflict between her and the former pastor that led to him holding her down by her throat. However, the defense called two of the victim's siblings to the stand that were present during that same incident and claim that the allegation is false.

      Both brothers describe seeing their sister "hit him on the shoulder," one even saying he could "hear the smack from across the room."

      Wednesday, the defense rested its case. On Thursday, both sides will give closing arguments and then the jury will begin deliberating.