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      Former police commander found not guilty of OWI

      A former Michigan State Police Commander was found not guilty of Operating While Intoxicated, OWI, on Wednesday in Chippewa County District Court.

      William Smith, former commander of the Gladstone Post, was arrested by Sault Ste. Marie police in July, 2012 following their investigation of a traffic accident involving a personal vehicle. A Chippewa County judge threw out the case against him in August.

      Special Prosecutor, Alger County Prosecutor Karen Bahrman, brought back charges against Smith in the case in November when Smith was arraigned. According to Smith's attorney, George Hyde of Marquette, Special Judge in the case, Alger County District Court Judge, threw out a charge of leaving the scene of an accident, and it took a Chippewa County jury just over an hour to find Smith not guilty of Operating While Intoxicated.

      Hyde went on to say, "These charges should have never been brought back against my client. The evidence wasn't there and that was confirmed by the jury."

      Smith faced up to 93 days in jail on a misdemeanor and up to $1,000 in fines.