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      Forsberg Flowers wins FOX UP Top Choice

      The results of this round's top choice flower shops are in. With almost 250 votes, Forsberg Flowers is the favorite flower shop in the U.P.

      They pride themselves on having the best variety and selection that the U.P. has to offer, and their weekly turnover, getting new flowers each week.

      When it comes to winning the poll, they were honored.

      "Well, we're very proud, very thankful and at the same time, quite honored and humble. It kind of makes you go...'Wow, we're doing it!" said owner, LouAnn Balding.

      The family-owned flower shop credits their win to their location, sitting in between two funeral homes off of Third Street in Marquette.

      "Well, I've been a friend of Forsberg Flowers since I first started working in the funeral home business, since 1975 or so. Their work is always consistent. They have very nice flowers and their arrangements are always appealing. And they're available seven days a week, and they make things up for us on very short notice, too," said Canale Tonella Funeral Home owner, Mark Canale.

      And to the Forsberg Flower Shop family, their customers are the real heart and soul of the store.

      "We have people that started when my mother was here, and they're still coming. And then the next generation starts coming, and we'll have done somebody's wedding flowers, and then as years go down the road, we're doing the parents' funeral flowers, so it becomes an intergenerational servicing to families," Balding added.

      The shop sells more than flowers, too, carrying handcrafted decorations.

      Some of the other top flower shops in the poll were Lutey's in Marquette and Kukkakauppa flower shop in Hancock.