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      Foster children receive special delivery

      The holiday season can be a lonely time for some, but hundreds have band together to ensure it's as happy as possible for foster children.

      It's called "Operation Good Cheer," a statewide effort of donors and volunteers to collect Christmas presents.

      Saturday, gifts were flown into K.I. Sawyer for children across the U.P.

      It took a small airplane, but the Christmas wishes of 150 U.P. children finally arrived.

      A seemingly never-ending stream of boxes made their way off a volunteer staffed airplane, with a crew that wished to remain anonymous, destined for spots under the Christmas tree of foster children.

      "Some of these kids would get nothing otherwise," said Norma Senashko of U.P. Children and Family Services. "There are so many agencies and families that give, and for the most part, they get everything they ask for."

      Almost 300 entities helped sponsor "Operation Good Cheer," serving more than 4,000 children in the entire state of Michigan. It's especially important to get that assistance this year, because there are more kids than last year living in foster care.

      But it's not just a brightly colored box that's being delivered, this effort reaches a little deeper.

      Foster resident Barbara Schotts has moved through several families and group homes. She had to overcome some obstacles, but soon she'll successfully graduate and move onto independent living.

      She says that's in part due to people involved in programs like "Operation Good Cheer."

      "There's no people that have personal attachments to us, no personal agendas and there's no reason why they should have to give us things, but they do," she said.

      Schotts is now the Mayor of the Teaching Family Homes campus, and serves as a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

      "I was kind of a selfish person, I never wanted to give, coming here, seeing all the generous people, it makes me want to go out there and give," says Schotts.

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