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      Found object artist speaks in Marquette

      For over 20 years, a Rapid River man has been creating 'found object art.' To create this type of artwork, Ritch Branstrom collects anything and everything he finds.

      He also appreciates receiving items from other people that they may consider trash. He combines the discovered items to create 'found' art.

      Branstrom gave a presentation on Saturday in Marquette about his work. He said he looks at a piece and finds resemblance to something, so he takes it and creates an overall new object.

      "For example, an exhaust board from a Corvette, to me, looks like a dog's nose, so that is the starting point," said Branstrom. "I'll take that and add other items to it."

      Branstrom has a storefront in Rapid River, and he travels to area art shows and festivals. To learn more, go to his website, www.adhocworkshop.com.