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      Founder's Landing sticking to plan

      The recent completion of the Founder's Landing condos has some south Marquette residents in an uproar and the city commission heard their opinions. They say the condos ruin the view of Lake Superior.

      The city planner outlined the construction project since the Landing Development Group purchased the property in 2009. He pointed to the fact that although a few changes were made to the planning commission over the last two years, the condos meet exactly what the developers intended to build. Several south Marquette residents voiced their disapproval of the structures saying they are not what they were promised.

      "This kind of a development was proposed and is in the community master plan, and it's been there since 2004, and that was a planning process that went through a lot of public participation," said Marquette City Planner David Stensaas.

      The city planner said that while the city holds a contract with the developers, there may be ways both parties can work to ease residents' concerns.