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      Four-wheelin' seniors

      From Greenland to Twin Lakes, 28 ATVs filed down the Bill Nichols Trail for MI TRALEâ??s 6th annual Senior Ride Color Tour.

      MI TRALE is a volunteer organization that helps maintain ORV trails in the western U.P. Administrators said the senior ride is all about allowing people to see the colors of autumn and serving the community.

      â??The seniors donâ??t get out much, and they donâ??t get to go out to see the colors,â?? said MI TRALE Director, Kim Sims. â??So, this provides them a way to see the colors and gets them outdoors, fresh air.â??

      Seniors from all over the state trekked to Ontonagon County to ride through the Northwoods in side-by-sides donated and driven by community volunteers.

      â??You can explain that itâ??s beautiful out--it is beautiful out--but when you watch these people and watch them view and get outdoors, itâ??s fantastic,â?? said MI TRALE President, Don Helsel.

      â??Well, I donâ??t think weâ??d have the opportunity otherwise to see all this countryside,â?? said Williamston, Mich. resident Margaret Travis. â??I mean, weâ??ve lived here for a long time and didnâ??t even know anything about this. So, I think itâ??s marvelous that somebody is doing something for the senior citizens.â??

      For some of them, this was their first time riding in an ATV.

      â??Coming into the deep woods, if you will,â?? added Ypsilanti, Mich. resident Suzan Matero. â??Usually youâ??re just riding down the highway, and thatâ??s about it. So, this was wonderful to really get in the woods.â??

      MI TRALE is considering offering a variety of rides in the future, but Sims and Helsel know they will keep the color tour on the calendar.

      â??The seniors are often neglected, I think, today, and this is our expression, our â??thank youâ?? to them,â?? Helsel said.