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      Four-year-old girl helps save father's life

      The distance (about a quarter of a mile) Cadence ran to get her dad help

      A father is calling his four-year-old daughter a hero.

      Chris Lucas said he is very proud of his four-year-old daughter, Cadence, because she ran across the street about a quarter of a mile around 10 o'clock at night and got help from neighbors after she realized her dad was knocked unconscious.

      "I was standing right by the back of my pickup truck and dropped a piece of metal below the tailgate. As I stood up, I must've smashed my head," said Chris Lucas.

      When Cadence was asked where she was the night her father hit his head, she said, "I was standing right here. My dad was over there. He was holding on to this."

      "I think she saved my life and she's my hero for sure because I could've laid out here in 30 to 50 degree weather, and she could've been out here just as long as me," Lucas said.

      Rick Holmes was not home at the time but said his father Dick and daughter Kelly were there to help Cadence.

      "What they told me was they heard crying outside. It was pitch dark and it sounded like a little girl crying outside the door, and they opened and found her out there trying to help her daddy," said Holmes.

      The Holmes family immediately called 911 and paramedics took Lucas to the hospital.

      Both of Cadence's parents are first responders, and her dad said they have always tried to teach her what to do in emergency situations, and as it turns out, they taught her well.

      Lucas said he has a small bump on the back of his head, but he will be okay.

      As for Cadence, she said she is happy to have her dad back.