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      Fourteen year old DJs his own sports show

      While most 14 year olds are busy balancing sports, school, and their social life, Trevor Uren is adding one more thing to the list. Trevor is the creator of his own website called Pro Sports Extra and also DJs his own radio show. â??We do podcasts and we normally have special guests like NFL players. We had Stefan Logan of the Lions,â?? said founder of Pro Sports Extra, Trevor Uren. Trevor has interviewed over 30 professional athletes, and not only does he come up with questions for each player, he also books all of his guests himself. â??I normally go on their websites or else I tweet them on Twitter or any other way. Sometimes itâ??s through e-mail, and then they just call into the show,â?? Trevor explained. If you havenâ??t noticed by now, Trevor is a huge Detroit Lions fan, and he auctions off some of his signed memorabilia for different charities through his show. Each show lasts 30 minutes, and Thursday nightâ??s guest is Arizona Cardinals' kicker Jay Feely. â??Hey whatâ??s up Jay?â?? Uren asked. â??Hey Trevor, how are you buddy?â?? said Feely. â??Iâ??m doing good. So far in your career, what has been your favorite moment?â?? Uren asked. â??I think my favorite moment would be two years ago, and I was playing for the Cardinals and had the game against the Broncos, and I scored the touchdown and kicked five field goals,â?? Feely replied. Trevorâ??s mom says her son had a passion for sports ever since he was little, and when she found out he had his own show, it made her very proud. â??My first reaction to Trevor doing his podcast was amazing. I found it unbelievable that he was talking to professional athletes on his own,â?? said April McMahon. Trevor says when he grows up, he wants to be an ESPN sports reporter, but in the meantime the kitchen table is his studio. If you would like to listen to Trevorâ??s show, click here or check out his website.