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      Fourth of July Food Drive preparations begin

      Dickinson County residents are gearing up for the annual Fourth of July Food Drive.

      The Food Drive has been around since 2007 and volunteers have, over the years, gathered over 10,000 items during the Iron Mountain Fourth of July parade. The food items will be donated to the First Lutheran Food Pantry in Iron Mountain. They also accept cash during the parade, as necessities like size-appropriate diapers can be purchased via the food pantry at a later date. Area volunteers are excited for another year of the drive and say it helps to put community service into perspective.

      â??We want to go boating, we want to get out on the golf course, we've got all these things that we want to do, but nobody's thinking about a food pantry,â?? said organizer, Andy Plumley. â??Traditionally, that's Thanksgiving and Easter, sometimes Christmas, but we've still got hungry kids in the neighborhood.â??

      The area Thrivent Financial chapter will also be matching .25 cents on every dollar donated. The group says any non-perishable items are welcome, as is cash and hygiene products.