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      FOX UP Top Choice: Friday fish fries

      For many seafood lovers in the U.P., Friday night means it's time for fish fry.

      "It's kind of crazy how many people are here every Friday night," says Nick Bazinette of Crossroads. "It's kind of the same people; you get new ones every once in a while, and once they come in, they come back."

      "It's a good idea. Gets me out of the kitchen on Friday night," says Kasey Korpi, a fish fry fanatic.

      From perch, to walleye, to fries come in all varieties.

      The tried and true standard? Well, it's none other than beer-battered cod. The raw cod pieces are soaked in batter, and then tossed in the fryer until golden brown.

      The meal doesn't stop there. A few classic sides to a fish fry: "Cole slaw and french fries," says Maiya King, a fan of fried cod

      "Tartar sauce, I love tartar sauce," says Janice Merchant, also a fish fry lover.

      A baked potato, garlic bread, and a lemon are a few other favorite additions. But perhaps the most important characteristic of a fish fry is a big table of friends and family enjoying it together.

      "You meet a lot of good people here, good appetite for everybody," says Richard Duhame, who says he loves fish.

      If you haven't yet had the chance to nominate your favorite fish fry in the U.P., there's still plenty of time. Just click on the Top Choice tab. There's no limit to how many times you can nominate.