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      FOX UP Top Choice Nominee: Congress Pizza

      The results are in! You've nominated your favorite pizza shops in the Upper Peninsula, and the following five have prevailed:

      In no particular order, Congress in Ishpeming, Club 28 in Wakefield, Riverside in Iron River, Aubrees in Marquette and the Ambassador in Houghton.

      Congratulations to you all.

      Over the next week, I'm logging hundreds of miles on the FOX UP Mobile to deliver you the best of the best pizza. Get it? Bad pizza joke.

      On February 20, 1933, Congress passed the 21st Amendment, which repealed prohibition. A year later, the Congress Bar opened in Ishpeming, Michigan--a way to thank the U.S. Congress.

      Fast-forward now 24 years to 1958. The Congress Bar becomes Congress Pizza.

      Fifty-two years later, according to you, it's one of the top five pizza places in the U.P., and it's the first stop on my Tour da U.P. in search of the FOX UP Top Choice. It's a hot-spot in Marquette County, but it's known across the Upper Peninsula.

      Owner, Paul Bonetti says there are two things that set his pie apart from the competition: "It's got to be the thin crust and homemade sauce," says Bonetti.

      The crust is homemade, pressed a couple times, then tossed in the air before being loaded up with melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella, fresh toppings, then the sauce.

      "Last thing that goes on our pizza is the sauce. And some of our customers want extra sauce, and some get extra, extra, extra sauce!" Bonetti says.

      You heard right: the sauce goes on last.

      "A lot of people look at it and say, 'Oh, you have an upside down pizza!' and we always laugh," he says.

      Then it's out of a 550 degree oven and into your mouth. Whether they're serving kids after school, couples in the evening, or families from out-of-town, it's tough to find an empty table at Congress.

      "Our business has increased dramatically over the last, well, 10 years even," Bonetti explains, "so I guess the numbers speak for themselves."

      Tune in to the FOX UP News at 10 Eastern, 9 Central everyday this week. We'll be featuring a different restaurant each night.

      Tuesday, it's off to Wakefield and Club 28; Wednesday, Riverside in Iron River; Thursday, Aubrees in Marquette; then Friday, the Ambassador in Houghton.