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      Free day at the Y for grandparents and their grandkids

      Grandparents and their grandchildren filled the Marquette YMCA Sunday.

      For the first time ever, grandparents and their grandchildren were offered free admission and had the opportunity to enjoy everything the Y had to offer.

      Nineteen families visited the center. While many kids spent their time in the play room rolling around on mats, other kids played a game of basketball or jumped in the pool.

      Mary DeMarse brought her two grandsons from Iron Mountain to the event.

      "This is a perfect opportunity for them to see what's happening around Marquette, and they get to see all these other kids. They're meeting new friends here. They're just having a blast," said Mary DeMarse, grandmother.

      The event was sponsored by the Marquette Alger Regional Educational Service Agency (MARESA) and the Women's and Children's Center of Marquette General Hospital which aims to provide more support for grandparents.

      For grandparents who attended the event, MARESA and the Women's and Children's Center of Marquette General asks that you fill out a survey to give them a better understanding of what services grandparents in this area are looking for.

      The Women's and Children's Center of Marquette General is also planning on offering free ongoing grandparenting classes.