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      Free dental clinic this weekend

      There's a wonderful reason to smile this weekend in Iron Moutnain--a free dental clinic is being offered this Saturday.

      The John Fornetti Center is giving the gift of free dental care through a charity program called "Dentistry from the "Heart".

      Citizens in the community that are in need of dental work are welcome to receive quality cleanings, examinations, and fillings, completely free of charge.

      This is the seventh year that they have participated in the event, and Dr. John Fornetti is really looking forward to it.

      "We will get so many hugs, we'll hear so many heartwarming stories," says Fornetti. "These are good people, and they just haven't had the ability to get dental care. This will be a day for them when they'll be able to do that, and it's just so heartwarming, and even though at the end of the day we're totally exhausted, it's like the best feeling in the world."

      At previous events, the line has wrapped around the building, so if you'd like to participate, be sure to arrive early since it's on a first come, first serve basis.

      The free dental clinic begins at 8 a.m. this Saturday, February 2.