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      Free dental work for children

      A couple of dentists in Gwinn are aiming to put a smile on children for free. Northern Trails Dental Care will host a free dental clinic for children 18 and under.

      The clinic is in support of National Children's Dental Health Month that raises awareness of oral health.

      The point of the clinic is to give children an opportunity to receive dental care that might not have the opportunity normally.

      "We're going to do everything that we could to help each patient out. So that might be as simple as a cleaning, flouride, and checkup, checking with x-rays, or if there's a more urgent concern, we definitely address that too," said Dr. Gwendolyn Buck, a dentist at Northern Trails Dental Care.

      If more dental care is needed for patients in addition to what will be accomplished on Friday, the office will offer resources that can help the patient further.

      The clinic will run Friday from 12:30-4:30. No appointment is necessary to attend.