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      Free fishing and fun for the weekend

      Marquette County kids have something to look forward to in Humboldt Township this weekend. It's the annual picnic hosted by the Humboldt Township Planning Commission with free fishing, food, and prizes. Kids are invited to fish for trout in the dam in Humboldt Township Park, just off of M-95. Marquette County businesses have donated thousands of dollars in prizes including everything from kayaks to fishing rods.

      "If you'd like to win a prize, you should come here this weekend. If you'd like to have a free meal and come on out and have a free bratwurst, hot dogs and some good camaraderie in Western Marquette County, come on out and we'll accommodate you here in Humboldt Township. We look forward to seeing you," said Humboldt Township Supervisor, Joe Derocha.

      The picnic goes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Names will be pulled out of a hat all day to see who wins the prizes.