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      Free Liferides for New Yearâ??s Eve

      Delta County will be safe from drunk drivers again this New Yearâ??s Eve as OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group and the Island Resort and Casino sponsor the annual Liferides program.

      Liferides gives the community the option to ride a taxi throughout Delta County free of charge.

      "It's a great program designed to keep people safe and off the roads during the holiday season," said Lanna Scannell, Manager of Community and Government relations.

      Celebrating its 30th year, the Liferides program is proud to announce that Delta County has not had an alcohol-related car accident or fatality since the program began.

      â??We donâ??t have accidents here, let alone fatal accidents,â?? said Tom Grant, Manager of JN taxi. â??Itâ??s wonderful. Itâ??s the one night a year the taxi drivers can really shine.â??

      While ringing in the New Year, OSF reminds party goers to try to plan ahead.

      â??I think people are a lot more responsible in their drinking, but sometimes you make plans and they just don't pan out the way you thought they would,â?? Scannell said.

      If at the end of your celebration you're in need of a ride, simply hail or call JN taxi, Escanaba Taxi or City Cab of Gladstone. Charter Celebration busses are also going to be offering services at a reduced rate up and down the main streets of Escanaba and Gladstone.

      With the cold weather forecast, taxi companies are expecting to be extra busy this year and want to remind patrons to be patient.

      â??Weâ??re going to load up as many people as we can in the cars, double them up because it is going to be so cold,â?? Grant said. â??But, theyâ??re just going to have to plan ahead of time and bear with us. Weâ??re doing the best we can.â??

      For a free Liferide from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., call (906) 786-4448, (906) 786-1122 or for Gladstone call (906) 420-2939.