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      Free opportunity to check out state parks

      Free access to fishing and ORV trails weren't the only opportunities tourists had this weekend. Sunday admission to state parks across the entire state was free.

      The idea was to get a taste of what the parks in the state have to offer. Many people were out and about in the beautiful weather at Van Riper State Park today in Michigamme Township.

      "There's so many beautiful parks within the Marquette area. It's just nice to be able to go out for a day and if you have the pass you can just pull up to the window at the parks and they just let you in. There's no hassle at the gate and you're in," said Steve Kirsch, a visitor to Van Riper State Park.

      The free admission was only for Sunday. Full price will be charged once again starting Monday. Day passes are available or you can buy a state parks pass that will cover you for an entire year.

      Check out the link below for information on Michigan's Recreation Passport.